My Full Life (A Memoir)


Jews in Poland Today (non-medical)

Reading Ashes (non-medical)

Chagall in America (non-medical)

Why are General John C. Fremont and his Wife Jessie Buried in Rockland Cemetery? (non-medical)

Painters of the Pale (non-medical)

The Virginia Project (non-medical)

Donald Trump's Autocratic Roots (non-medical)

Extreme Venting (non-medical)

Adventures of a Medical Historian


The Rise and Fall of Letchworth Village


Death in Sarasota

Monkey Business

Unsung Heroes

Hysteria & Holmes at Dartmouth


Rogues Gallery


Jewish Medicine

The Flexner Report (A. Flexner)


Medical Madmen in Olde New York



The Birth of the Blues -- and Death of National Health Insurance


When Freud Visited New York City -- And Wet His Pants!


Medicine in the Warsaw and Terezin Ghettos

Two Doctors of Terezin


Did Chairman Mao Have a Jewish Doctor?


The Sports of Kings


Plagues, Pox and Ebola


The End of Life


Dancing Through Rutgers Medical College: 1827-1829

Let Them Eat Eggs -- Soft Boiled


Eugenics Timeline 


Jewish Doctors' Dilemmas


Dr. Alexis Carrel: Medical Marvel and Moral Monster


A Face in the Crowd: Vesalius' Jewish Friend 


New Jersey's Halls of Medical Fame and Shame


Docteur Dieu (Doctor God)


Medical Matters in 19th Century Palisades and Piermont

Diary of a Country Doctor

My Son the Feldsher

Heart Attack Treatment: Then and Now


The Sexologists


The White Plague


Zombie Medicine

Heart Attacks: Then and Now

Haunted Hospitals

My Mentor: Dr. Stewart Alexander

“Doctor Rick” Hodes

Cholera Comes to Piermont

Advice to Medical Students

Hysteria in Belle Epoque Paris

Legacy of Karen Ann Quinlan

The Health of Rockland County’s Hospitals: A Doctor’s Perspective

At Thomas Hodgkin's grave in Jaffa

Studying Vesalius

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